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Gathering Music (Loryce Sivertson)

Welcome & Announcements (Pastor Jill Meents)

“Give Joyful Thanks” (Video)

“Standing on the Promises” (Hymn)

Intercessory Prayer (Pastor Jill Meents)

Breakthrough Prayer (Kaite Knack)

Lord’s Prayer (Pastor Jill Meents & Mom)

Honoring Our Saints

“You Raise Me Up” (Special Music by Nancy Miller)

Scripture Reading (Stu Spring)

Sermon Video

“Old Message, New Use” (Pastor Jerry Jensen)

Sacrament of Holy Communion (Pastor Jill Meents)

Benediction (Pastor Jill Meents)

Closing Music (Loryce Sivertson)

Prayer Update: Prayers for the family and friends of Claudia Hicks, following her passing on October 28, 2020.